Our Story - Get to know us!

Cowboy Snapback was born in the winter of 2022 to our three founding fathers, Dakota, John and Jon. Our crazy hat idea came to be during a man weekend when it was just bros and beers hanging out having a good time. We thought what two better hats to combine than the classic cowboy hat, and the timeless baseball hat? We knew it had never been done before so we did some research, and filed for a patent on our design.

(November 2022: Our founding fathers - Dakota M., John M., and Jon M.)

In the spring of 2023 we had two videos go viral on the internet, thus creating a demand for our silly hats. We completely sold out of our hats and like any American dream we teamed up with our friends and significant others to help work and ship orders out of our garage in Oklahoma City. Come summer 2023 after the dust settled from our viral internet fame, we were able to move into a warehouse and out of our garage where we currently reside operations to press and ship hats to our customers all over the world!

(May 2023: First viral craze - Dakota M. with 200+ orders)

Present day in 2024 we are continuing to add to our Cowboy Snapback resellers and hope to have our hats more accessible to our customers in various stores around the country. We are grateful for our loyal and rowdy customers and look forward to the growth and continuation of Cowboy Snapback.

(June 2023: We moved into our current space adding Samantha M. as our first full time employee)

With our in-house design patches, we offer a level of customization and personalization that sets us apart. At Cowboy Snapback, we believe in creating more than just a hat – we're crafting a statement piece that reflects your personality and passion. Join us in embracing the spirit of the great outdoors and expressing your individuality with every wear.

(2024 to present day: Our team - Jon M., Kelli F., Kim F., Samantha M., Dakota M., Chase M., not pictured: John M.)